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Interactive Fire Art

True North Weird & Freaky

True North Absurdities is made up of Kyle Jensen and Ian Rice, who aim to achieve absurd levels of creativity through their stylistic combinations of sculpture, technology and flame effects.


Their first solo project, "The Notorious B.A.D.", a 10' steel dragon crawling out of the ground with interactive flame effects and LED-addressed scales.


They were immediately hooked on the joys of blasting fireballs into the sky and watching people's faces light up as they became a part of the art.


Our Projects


Notorious B.A.D


This 1000lb metal sculpture of a dragon emerging from the ground getting ready to spread its wings, the sculpture measures 10ft from the ground to the tip of his snout. True North Absurdities like to focus on interactive aspects to bring participants into the project, if you find his tail and press the large red button it will set off the 8 ft flame effect with a shockwave guaranteed to get the participants attention. The project is backlit by addressable LEDs giving the scales, wing and eyes an ever-changing and evolving glow throughout the night.

Trippity Twitchit


From the depths of the earth grows the Trippity Twitchit. Enchanting the curious with its colours and reflections, beware it’s 9 heads, for they will cause distraction and wonder. If treated correctly and with bravery, you may be in for a fiery surprise.

A veritable monsters’ garden of metalwork.  These larger-than-life, “Mario-esque” venus fly traps are a combination of plant, animal, steel, fire, and interactivity, and will certainly draw some attention.  Each evening the plant comes to life, shimmering light from within and all around, inviting everyone to activate its 3 separate flame effects.






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